The dramatic ending of the drama Big Mouth explained

After 16 episodes the drama Big Mouth came to an end, with an unexpected ending.

From this point on, you will find spoilers

Big Mouth drama ending explained

I will explain it by characters.

What happens in the end to Go Mi Ho

She dies at the end, due to leukemia, brought on by the chemicals in the water.

But first she talks to Jerry and they take some men to the fish distribution plant, where they manage to get the manager to confess that this is where they spill the chemicals.

She takes the evidence to the television station where the debate between Park Chang-Ho and Mayor Choi was taking place.

There she tells how she was affected by water with chemicals that escaped from a pipe. At that time Chang-Ho found out about the disease.

I loved that scene in which she arrives with Jerry at the plant, since she was a worthy right-hand man and wife of Big Mouse, I even liked the styling they used in those scenes, since they put a black leather jacket on her to show off her transition, since before she always wore semi-formal clothes.

This is the part that I think a lot of people won’t like, since she dies at the end. But I feel like that gives Chang Ho the fuel to accept being Big Mouse, since she asked him to be the best Big Mouse in a conversation.

I liked the pairing of Chang Ho and Mi Ho, I felt that they were a great power couple.

For me her death also has the meaning that not everything gets solve in the courts, and that is why organizations as Big Mouse exist.

chang ho and mi ho big mouth drama
Chang Ho and Mi Ho in Big Mouth drama

Does Chang Ho Becomes Big Mouse

Yes, Chang-Ho agrees to be Big Mouse, since we see a flashback where he remembers the conversation with Mi-Ho where she asks him to be a good Big Mouse.

Let’s remember that he had only accepted for a while, until hedid justice for the death of No Park, who was his predecessor as the leader Big Mouse.

As Big Mouse is an organization, not just one person show.

In the end we see him become Big Mouse. The last black and white scene for me it means that he sees the world black as Mi Ho dies.

In the last episode we see how he loses the candidacy as mayor, since Choi Do-Ha beats him.

chang ho in big mouth
Chang Ho in Big Mouth drama

What happens at the end with mayor Choi Do Ha

Mayor Choi dies at the end because Chang Ho changed the water in the pool where he always went to swim, with water full of chemicals, so that he could live what all the people who were dying of leukemia suffered.

Mayor Choi was never legally convicted of the crimes he committed. I feel that this part reflects society and justice very well, where those who have money move their power to always win and that is what Big Mouse’s organization is for, to do justice outside the courts.

This was my favorite character, excellent actor Kim Joo-Hun, as I hated him and wish he suffered more.

mayor choi big mouth drama
Mayor Choi Big Mouth drama

What happens at the end with Jung Chae-Bong, Han Jae-Ho y Lee Du-Geun

They went back to prision for killing the doctor.

What happens at the end with Kong Ji-Hoon

Ji-Hoon ends up allying with Chang-Ho, to bring down Mayor Choi.

Finally we see a scene where he is running for mayor.

What happens at the end with Hyun Joo-Hee

She found out that her husband, Mayor Choi, killed her grandfather and that Do-Ha had also stolen her dead cousin’s identity.

She sent Chang Ho the disposable phone the mayor used for his shady dealings as evidence to win the trial, but the mayor found out and sent her to a psychiatric hospital.

As Mayor Choi dies, she manages to get out.

Hope Big Mouth drama ending explained helps you

Remember that the first leader of Big Mouse was No Park, then Chang Ho became the leader.


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