Ending Explained of the Japanese drama: First Love 2022 – Final Review

The Japanese drama, First Love is a bittersweet story that will make you cry even in the happiest moments of the drama.

At first I had low expectations, as it is a Netflix production, and most of the time, they can turn bad. But I loved First Love.

Ending Explained of the Japanese drama: First Love 2022

Spoilers begin here

Does Yae Noguchi y Harumichi Namiki end up together?

Yes, Yae Noguchi and Harumichi Namiki end up together. Although you will cry at the end, since it gives satisfaction to see them together, after all they suffered.

In episode 8, Harumichi breaks up with his girlfriend, as he explains that he hasn’t forgotten an old love. His girlfriend obviously knows who she is, so she decides to let him go without making too much trouble for him.

After that we see how Yae Noguchi invites Harumichi to eat spaghetti. But when he arrives, he decides not to enter and calls Yae, and she declares her love. Then Harumichi tells her that he is leaving Japan.

Then we see how Yae’s son says goodbye to Harumichi and takes a music player with a disc.

Yae and her son listen to the cd and it was the First Love song. At that moment she remembers her first love Harumichi. That scene is really emotional and I cried a lot, here is a video with it.

@jacqueel6 when she finally remembers her first love 🤧 painnn #firstlove #netflix #takerusatoh ♬ First Love – Utada Hikaru

Then we see how the whole world closes due to covid. This makes Yae want to travel and puts her life in perspective.

She finds out that Harimuchi is in a town in Iceland as a pilot on an private airline, so she goes looking for him. She even walked under the snow to reach him.

When they meet she tells him that he is also her first love and they kiss. They end up together at the end of the drama. I also cried a lot, as they are finally together after everything they’ve been through.

Does Yae fulfill her dream of being a flight attendant?

At the end of the drama First Love, we see that Yae is a flight attendant on the plane that Harimuchi flies. I cried so much with happiness for her.

Final Review of the japanese drama: First Love 2022

  • Swoon 9/10

    Their younger version had a lot more chemistry than the older version of themselves.
  • Squad Goals 9/10

    This drama doesn´t waist your time with second leads.
    I loved the love story from Yae´s son. He was a second lead character.
  • Plot 9/10

    I liked that in each episode we started with a back story from characters, and that showed us why they acted the way they did in the present.

    There isn´t any boring episode. Everything they tell us in the drama is helpful.

    We got to know and understand the leads and their decisions.

    At the end this drama will give you a perspective of destiny.

    For me this was an adictive drama, I always wanted to know what will happen in the next episode.
  • Cry 10/10

    This drama will make you cry in each episode. Even with the happy ending you will cry of satisfaction.
  • Performance 10/10

    All the main leads were great, in the younger or older selves or actual older version.

Overall this drama is a 9/10 for me. I recommend it if you like melodramas with the topic of destiny and faith.


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