Ending Explained and final review of Till the end of the moon

Until the End of the Moon was a drama that became my addiction, I saw it on the air and I didn’t miss the new episodes every day.

You can watch it on Youtube, on the Youku app or on Rakuten Viki.

Ending Explained of Till the end of the moon

From this point foward you will find spoilers

Does Tantai Jin and Li Su Su end up together?

I don’t know what to tell you, I feel that the end is up to each one’s interpretation, especially with the special episode that was an audio. So I tell you the end and you decide.

Tantai Jin discovers that the only way to stop everything is to sacrifice himself. So he again marries Li Su Su, so that she kills him. But I knew that she wouldn’t dare kill him, because their souls had already grown.

Then Tantai Jin makes Li Su Su angry and makes her Goddess power come out, when this power comes out she looks at everything and saw when he absorbed evil to sacrifice himself for the world and how he did everything for her to hate him.

She asks him to stay together in each other’s arms, that is, to die together. He told her yes, but he puts her to sleep and sends her back to her house and he sacrifices himself.

The dialogues in that scene will break your heart into a thousand pieces.

We then see that Li Su Su wakes up and realizes that Tantai Jin always planned to die, since she found his name next to Ye Xi Wu’s grave.

500 years pass and we see that Li Su Su has a daughter with Tantai Jin. He is inside the clam, where Li Su Su will help him reincarnate.

Youku’s special episode audio is a conversation of him returning and her telling that they have a daughter together, then we hear that they have a normal life.

So you decide if they stayed together or not.

What happened to Bingchang?

It’s not clear to me, but she sacrificed herself for Xiao Lin. I think she was in a coma or something.

What happened at the end with Xiao Lin

He became a person full of hate, which Tantai Jin did not want to kill again. It seems to me that he lived. It is that he only appeared in the last fight and there he was seen still alive and with hate.

What happened to Ye Qing Yu?

In episode 40 we see that Ye Qing Yu is the king, he was in the place of Tantai Jin and he has the power of Pian Ran

Till The End of The Moon Final Review

  • Swoon 10/10

    Our main couple had a great chemistry. Loved them in every character.

    Every seen of them falling in love, was spectacular.

    They had a toxic relationship sometimes but I loved them together.
  • Cry 10/10

    They really made us cried from half way from the drama, till the end.

    Episode 40 was really heart breaking.
  • Laugh 3/10

    As it isn´t a romantic comedy drama, there weren´t many laugh scenes. But when the main couple was together they made us giggle sometimes.
  • Plot 9/10

    The story was well told, but because of the cuts in some scenes, on 2 episodes, I felt like there was some information missing.

    Also, this was a huge budget drama, and there were really big mistakes in editing.

    But the FX was great, also the customes.
  • Performance 10/10

    Luon Xi did a great role, he made us believe he was evil, then he showed us he had a great heart. He interpreted 3 different characters really great.

Hope the ending Explained and final review of Till the end of the moon helps you.

For me this is a 9.5/10 drama.


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