Ending Explained of the Korean drama Blind – Final review

The Korean drama had us eating our nails for the past 16 episodes. For me, this is the best thriller of 2022.

The sad thing is that it didn´t got distributed legally in USA and Latin America, so we had to see how to watch it. This surely was a jewel.

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Ending Explained of the Korean drama Blind

¿Who was the killer?

The answer here is complex, since in the end it was a plan that was made by one person and carried out by another person.

Ryu Sung-hoon was the one who planned everything and Jung In-Sung executed everything and killed so many people.

What happened at the end with Ryu Sung-hoon

He confesses that he planned everything and confronts his father, who went to the summer house, where he had sexual relations with the girls from the orphanage.

Then we found out that Sung-Hoon’s mom hid everything because his dad was a perverted child molester.

Although they did not say it openly, they adopted Sung-Hoon because one day he wrote a letter to the judge telling him everything that happened in the orphanage, but in the end justice was not done. So I deduce that to keep him quiet, they adopted him.

We also learned that he was the one who manipulated Ryu Sung-Joon into believing that he is adopted.

He was the one who formed the jury, with all of the people he wanted to take revenge of.

Sung-Hoon is judged and there we know everything that he lived in the orphanage with the other children and we really came to understand why he acted like that.

He was sentenced to life in prison. There he attempts on his life. but he lives.

What happened at the end with Jung In-Sung?

He dies in jail, as he has a fight with Baek Moon-Kang and they end up killing each other.

Jung In-Sung killed people because he wanted to, since the plan was only to take revenge on Baek Moon-Kang and Yeom Ki-Nam, for everything they did to them in the orphanage and also to give a lesson to all those who did not move a finger for helping them. But Jung In-Sung proved to be a true sociopath and went out of control and killed everyone he could.

What happened at the end with Ryu Sung-Joon?

After Remembering all his past, he realized that it was his own brother who made him believe that he was adopted, so he realizes that Ryu Sung-hoon was Jung In-Sung’s accomplice.

He confronts Sung-hoon when he was with his father and where he confesses that he did abuse the minors of the orphanage. Then Ryu Sung-Joon arrests his dad.

There he had a small talk with his brother and Sung-hoon confesses that he never thought of him as a brother, that it was all part of his revenge.

After the videos of Ryu Sung-Joon’s mom and Yeom Ki-Nam plotting to kill producer Bae, were released. Ryu Sung-Joon arrests his mom.

Then we see how Ryu Sung-Joon starts with an unbalanced life, because he obviously lost his whole family.

Jo Eun-Ki invites him to work on her project so that he feels a purpose in his life.

Ryu Sung-Joon does not reconcile with his brother.

I want to share with you the epilogue of this character referring to the children of the orphanage, as it really touched my heart.

What happens at the end to Jo Eun-Ki?

In the end, she shows us a great lesson, that we could have experienced horrible things in life, but that we must focus on how to solve them in a positive way.

She sues the government for everything that happened at the orphanage. In addition, she begins to help all the children of the orphanage.

In the end, she was the heroine who showed us that all you have to do is give support and psychological help to all those children, in order for them to have a better future.

What happens at the end to Charles?

He takes his own life after Jung In-Sung dies.

Although they never said it openly, I think it was because of censorship issues, or I don’t know why, but I always felt that the two of them had a romantic relationship.

But I also felt that they had a kind of collective death pact if any of the three of them died.

When I refer to the three of them it is Charles, Jung In-Sung and Ryu Sung-hoon.

Who kill producer Bae?

Minister Na and Yeom Ki-Nam planned to kill producer Bae, to stop him from blackmailing them about what happened in the orphanage 20 years ago.

Who killed him was Sergeant Goo

Review of the Korean drama Blind

  • Mystery 10/10

    We were all the time thinking who was the killer. Why they were killing all the juries, etc.

    Eventhough we knew who the killer was before episode 15, they always got us hook as many other mysteries kept unfolding.
  • Evil guy 10/10

    Loved Jung In-Sung character. In the first episodes he look corcky and insecure. But he really was evil, and his performance was really great.
  • Plot 10/10

    This was a drama without fillers. There weren´t any lose ends. All the bad guys were taken down.

    Loved how the drama open with the boys running away and how it ended with an epilogue that shows us what would happen if no one turn blind for the kids.

    Also loved how Jung In-Sung died with his joker mark on his face.

    At the end they make you reflect on society and how kids turn out if they are abuse. Also you can empathize with Ryu Sung-hoon.

    The writers did a great job.
  • Performance 10/10

    Ok Taec-yeon did an amazing job, at the begining we didn´t knew if the was good or bad.

    Also Park Ji-Bin did an amazing performance as a bad guy.

    In fact all the cast did a great job.

Overall for me this drama is a 10/10. I recomen it if you like thrillers.

Hope that the Ending Explained of the Korean drama Blind and Final review helps you.

If I forgot something important or if you want to know the ending of another character, just let me know.


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