Ending explained of the Korean drama Trolley – Final review

Trolley is a slow mystery Korean drama that you can watch on Netflix.

Ending explained of the Korean drama Trolley

Who killed Nam Ji-hoon?

In episode 16 of Trolley, we see how Nam Ji-Hoon entered the lake alone and drowned.

But Jang Woo-Jae did nothing to save him, just watched as he drowned, as Ji-Hoon threatened to destroy his dad’s political career, as he thought his dad was having an affair.

We also saw that believing his dad was having an affair led Ji-Hoon to get in trouble with the law, because he wanted his dad to suffer.

Did Jang Woo-Jae received his punishment?

No one knew that he let Ji-Hoon drown. But we see that he will be arrested for hiring prostitutes.

What happened in the end with Kim So-Bin?

She goes to the police and told them that her ex-boyfriend is blackmailing her.

She also tells the ex-boyfriend that the baby she was expecting was his.

We see that he keeps in touch with Kim Hye-Joo.

What happens to Nam Joong-Do in the ending of Trolley?

Nam Joong-Do turns himself in to the police and blames himself for Hyeon Yeo-Jin’s rape.

But before he tries to take his life, but Kim Hye-Joo makes him reconsider

His law was not approved.

He Sign the divorce with Kim Hye-Joo, while remaining in jail.

What happens in the end with Kim Hye-Joo?

Kim Hye-Joo was uncertain whether to make a public statement saying that her husband raped her best friend, but when she saw her daughter’s reaction, begging her to hide the truth, because otherwise she will suffer from bullying, Hye-Jpp realizes that she must tell the truth , so that your daughter sees that what her dad did is not a small thing.

Kim Hye-Joo holds a press conference with the help of Congresswoman Woo Jin-Seok.

There she tells that her husband Nam Joong-Do raped Hyeon Yeo-Jin 5 years ago.

In the end, she manages to have a good relationship with her daughter, divorces her husband and continues working as a book restorer.

Final Review of the drama Trolley

  • Mystery 9/10

    You can never guess were the story is heading, in every episode they revealed a new clue that sometimes you can´t imagine.

    Other times you can guess what will happen.

    This is a slow burn mystery.
  • Plot 8.5/10

    The history is well told. It has some plot holes at the end.

    It is a slow drama, but I didn´t got bored.

    I was always waiting for the next episode for a new story from the past to get revealed.
  • Performance 9/10

    All the actors were really good

At the end this is a 8.5 drama for me.


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