Ending Explained of the Korean Drama Seasons of Blossom -Final Review

Seasons of Blossom is a bitersweet drama. Since the first episode they will tell us the tragic ending we will have.

I really cried with this drama, as it talks how family and friends suffer after a love one takes their life.

This is a web drama with 16 episodes of half and hour each. I saw it on Rakuten Viki, as I live in Latin America.

Ending Explained of the Drama Seasons of Blossom

Spoiler zone

What happens in the end to Han So-Mang

She decides to give up teaching at the school to avoid harming Lee Jae-Min.

We see how she decides to close the past after having a vision in which she talks with Lee Ha-Min.

Although we already knew what would happen, it was such a beautiful and sad ending at the same time.

I leave you here a video with the summary of the talk

Does Yoon Bo-Mi y Choi Jin-Young end up together?

Yes, Yoon Bo-Mi and Choi Jin-Young end up together.

She yells in front of everyone that she is in love with Choi Jin-Young. In the middle of a fight she has with a bully.

As Bo-Mi leaves the principal’s office, Jin-Young is there and he tells her that he loves her. They hold hands and begin their relationship.

What happens at the end with Lee Jae-Min

Lee Jae-Min confronts the teacher and explains that the ghost he is talking about is his brother who took his own life years ago and that Han So-Mang was the only friend her brother had. That’s why he had become friends with her, but it doesn’t mean he had a relationship with his teacher.

The next day he doesn’t get to school and Han So-Mang goes looing for him at the pantheon and finds him on the roof of a building.

He tells So-Mang that the day his brother died he said out loud that he would rather have his brother in his life.

So-Mang at the end tells him that Lee Jae-Min’s death was a set of circumstances, it wasn’t just what he said.

In the end Lee Jae-Min goes back to school and makes a good friendship again with Kang Sun-Hee.

Final Review of the Korean drama Seasons of Blossom

  • Swoon 10/10

    The couple from the past and from the present had a lot of chemistry.
  • Squad goals 9/10

    Yoon Bo-Mi y Choi Jin-Young had a great group of friends that made you laugh, as this drama is bittersweet.
  • Plot 9/10

    This drama didn´t had many fillers scenes.

    I like how they mixed the story from the past with the present. As the story of the present was really cute and the story of the past was bittersweet. In each episode we had a roller coaster of emotions. The writers kew how to balance happines and sadnes.

    They really knew how to aboard a sensitive topic, as taking your own life and how people deal with it.

    At the end the writers gave us closure with the sad story.

  • cry 10/10

    If you want to cry in all the episodes, this drama is for you.

    It´s a really bittersweet drama. I cried a lot in this drama.

    I don´t recommend it if you get easily depressed.

  • Performances 8/10

    As there were a lot of young actors, some of them didn´t had much experiences and they didn´t had facial expressions.

    For me only the experiences actors of this drama were great and deserve a 10.

Overall this drama is a 10/10 for me, it probably will be in my top 5 list of 2022 dramas.


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