Ending Explained of kdrama Eve

Eve was a revenge drama, with the return of Seo Ye Ji  after her scandal from 2021.

Personally, I liked all the drama, it was really intriguing. What I didn´t like was the love plot of the drama. That ruined what could make this an outstanding drama.

Ending Explained of kdrama Eve

I´m gonna explain the ending by character.

Since this point you will find spoilers

What happened with Lee Ra El at the end of the drama Eve

In episode 15, we see how she admits that she is in love with Kang and they imply that the two of them are blue flames, that is, they are people destined to always meet.

In episode 16 she got justice with the death of her family. He went to trial and everyone learned the truth behind the robbery of his father’s company.

In the end she owned the YL Group and turned it into a non-profit company.

We see how she decides to go to Buenos Aires to continue with her life and leave behind the stormy past.

I felt like the ending was a bit like Snowdrop’s ending, as we can see her thinking what would happen if she and Kang had met under different circumstances.

I didn´t cry at the end, as for me Ra El and Kang didn’t even have chemistry. From me it was a couple that never convinced.

What happens to Kang Yoon-Kyum

Kang Yoon-Kyum dies in the 16th episode of the kdrama Eve.

I always knew that Kang or Ra El would die, I felt that this drama was going to have a tragic ending.

Kang locked himself in the car with So Ra, so that she would no longer hurt Ra El, whom she had kidnapped.

Kang reached the car and managed to save and get out alive Ra El.

Then he there remembered that Ra El told him that the only thing that would make her forget the past would be for everyone involved to die.

At that moment you could see his intentions in his eyes and he starts driving at full speed and purposely collides with the railing of a cliff and there the car falls.

That scene touched my heart, it was really very poetic.

Then we find out that he dies.

What happens to Han So Ra

Han So Ra lives to the end, but her face is disfigured due to the car accident she had with Kang.

We can also see that she is locked up in a mental hospital and she thinks she has a child with Kang.

Her ending did not convinced me, since being disfigured should not be her punishment, if we see it coldly she was the one who started the plan to take Ra El’s father away from the company. Also, I never felt that the character was beauty vain, to deserve that punishment.

Han So Ra, played by Yoo Sun, was my favorite character. She really knows how to play a bad guy.

I loved all the scenes between Han So Ra and Lee Ra El. The two of them had so much chemistry in their fighting scenes.

What happens to Kim Jung-Chul?

The person who tortured Ra El’s father, ultimately gets kill by Kang Yoon-Kyum.

Jung Chul goes to the village to get revenge on Ra El for making him limp for life. There he attacks Ra El. Kang sees it and this hits Jung Chul and then strangles him with his bare hands.

What happens to Han Pan-ro

Pan Ro dies of hunger and thirst locked in a jail in his own house.

He is locked in there by Han So Ra and her driver, since he tried to kill her.

Pan Ro spent more than 15 days locked up until his body was found since So Ra’s driver told everything that happened.

What happens to Eun-Pyeong?

Eun-Pyeong decides to resign his position and take a vacation to Buenos Aires, although he never told Ra El that he would go, he decides to leave open the possibility of meeting her there.

Until the last moment he supported her, I really liked this character.

Hope that the Ending Explained of kdrama Eve helps you.

If you want to know the ending of other character let me know.


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