Under the Queen´s Umbrella ending explained -Final Review

Under the Queen’s Umbrella will definitely go down as one of my favorite dramas of 2022.

Personally, I had not seen historical dramas where a Queen was shown to be so understanding and protective of her children.

Under the Queen´s Umbrella ending explained

From this point foward you will find spoilers

Does Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong manage to prove who the crown prince’s killer is?

Yes, Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong manages to get Crown Prince Taein’s death medical report showing that he died from poisoning, which will help prove that her son died for the same reasons.

Queen Dowager begins to pressure Queen Hwa-Ryeong to deliver the medical report, until she succeeds and Queen Dowager destroys it.

But Queen Hwa-Ryeong manages to get the first copy of the document and also the confession of the doctor who treated Crown Prince Taein.

It was written that the murderer was the royal physician Kwon O-Gyeong, who was actually Prince Ikhyeon.

Does Queen Dowager gets her punishment for having crown prince Taein killed with poison?

King Lee Ho brings out that his mother Queen Dowager killed Crown Prince Taein.

Queen Dowager is ousted from her position as Queen Mother and placed in solitary confinement in her chambers.

But she takes her own life.

What happens at the end with Royal Physician Kwon O-Gyeong / Prince Yi Ik-Hyeon

He confesses to Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong that he put the poison in the crown prince’s acupuncture needles, so that he would suffer the same as his brother when he died.

He kills the Head of State Hwang Won-Hyeong, but first confesses that he is actually Prince Yi Ik-Hyeon.

His own son, Prince Uiseong killed him. He managed to confess to him that he was her son.

What happens at the end with Consort Hwang?

For lying to King Lee Ho, since Prince Uiseong was not the king’s son, and for joining the rebels, her position as concubine was taken away from her and she was banished.

I felt that in the end she had lost her sanity and her sight, since she tells Prince Uiseong that he must change his math tutor, and now they don’t have tutors, they don’t have anything.

She also had a strange face every time she talked to his son.

The royal doctor Kwon O-Gyeong, before dying, told her that she was only part of his revenge and that all he wanted was to have a child, but that for him, she was nothing.

What happens in the end with Prince Uiseong?

Queen Dowager tells him that she already knows that he joined the rebels and that the only way to live is to kill the Royal physician Kwon O-Gyeong.

Upon killing him, there Kwon O-Gyeong confesses that he is his father and that he must continue with the rebellion.

Uiseong ceases to be a prince because he is not the son of King Lee Ho, in addition to the fact that he had joined the rebels. So he loses all privileges and goes to live with his mom outside the palace.

Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong tells him that she will never take her eyes off him, because she doesn’t trust him.

What happens in the end with Crown Prince Seongnam?

He and Princess Yoon Cheong-Ha form a family. She is pregnant and Prince Seongnam is very much in love with her.

It shows that he will be a good king.

What happens in the end with Prince Muan?

Queen Dowager finds out that he has a daughter out of wedlock and asked the king to get the mother and daughter out. Prince Muan asks to leave the palace or marry his daughter’s mother. The king says he will think about it.

In the end we see that Prince Muan is asking the consorts for advice on how to raise a princess. That means he stayed in the palace with his daughter and the woman he loves.

What happens in the end with Prince Gyeseong?

He decides to leave the palace and travel the world. The queen approves and we watch as she sends her drawings of all the places she has traveled to.

Final review Under The Queen´s Umbrella

  • Plot: 10/10

    I have never seen in a Korean historical drama, such a great story of a mother that will help her children and also the consort children.

    This story was told so great through the mysteries. There wasn´t any plot hole.

    Loved the metaphor of the umbrella at the end of the story.
  • Squad Goals: 10/10

    I loved the complicity of Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong sons. How they help each other to help Crown Prince Seongnam.

    They really made us laugh.
  • Angst 9/10

    There is angst in this drama. The first half of the drama with the story of Crown Prince Seongnam. The other half of the drama with the story of solving who killed the first crown prince.

  • Performance: 10/10

    All the actors did great, they showed us the angst, the happiness through their performance

For me this is a 10/10 drama

If you watched tell me your opinion


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