Ending Explained of the drama Mr. Bad & final review

I definitely liked the Mr. Bad drama, it was full of cliches.

If you want to watch somehting light to laugh, and entretaining, I highly recomend this drama.

It doesn´t have second lead syndrome, or those scenes were they break up and get back together. It´s just a normal Enemies to lovers story.

Probably this would be an ending that some people would like and others will hate.

Ending Explained of the drama Mr. Bad

From this point you will find spoilers.

Does Nan Xing and Xiao Wu Di stayed together at the end of the drama Mr. Bad?

Yes, Nan Xing and Xiao Wu Di stayed together. There is even a wedding and they have a daughter.

Xiao Wu Di, manages to become human, after fulfilling his mission to help Nan Xing lose her fear of fire.

He is a professor at a university.

Nan Xing becomes a full-time writer.

The wedding and honeymoon scenes were beautiful. Just like their married life with their daughter.

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Does Lu Zi Chen y Ye Qing stay together?

Yes, Lu Zi Chen and Ye Qing stay together.

Ye Qing returns to the company as an assistant and Lu Zi Chen proposed to her.

I will tell you that I forward many scenes of this couple, until the last 5 episodes I began to be interested in their history.

What is confusing about Mr. Bad ending?

At the end of the drama, we see Nan Xing reading the end of the novel Mr. Bad and a journalist tells her that the story is very real and that if she lived something like that.

She then says that Xiao Wu Di doesn’t exist and that time travel hasn’t been proven, so everything in the novel is fantasy and that the character was based on her childhood love, Xiao Hao.

Xiao Hao, was her neighbor, the one who is supposed to have died in the fire.

Then we see Nan Xing husband enter the room and it is Xiao Wu Di, but his name is Xiao Hao.

So the neighbor never died and all we saw in 23 episodes is just the novel Mr. Bad that Nan Xing wrote and she was reading.

Despite the ending I liked the drama. No wonder the ending was so cute, if it was all fantasy from a book.

Final Review

  • Funny: 10/10

    I liked that there were a lot of funny scenes without being exaggerated.
  • Swoon: 10/10

    Shen Yue and Chen Zhen Yuan had a lot chemistry and a lot of cute scenes. I also liked how the roles were exchanged in many scenes, as we could see how Nan Xing saves Xiao Wu Di at the begining of the drama. Or she´s the first one to declare her love.

    We also got all the cliche scenes that I haven´t seen for a while in a romcom.
  • Squad goals: 7/10

    I didn´t like the second lead story, I only liked the funny scenes between Nan Xing and Lu Zi Chen.

    I felt that the story of Nan Xing best friend should have been exploited more.
  • Plot: 8/10
    It wasn´t something new, but they didn’t use a love triangle story, neither the let´s breakup plot. So for me not using those plots, are a plus.
    The drama feels dragy in some episodes with some fillers, towards the end
  • Cry: 5/10
    We had sad scenes, but nothing that I will remember in a couple of years.
  • Performances: 9/10
    Leading roles did a great performance

Overall for me Mr. Bad is a 10/10 drama

I hope that the ending explained of the drama Mr. Bad is useful to you.

Tell me what you understood or what you thought of the ending.

Also if you want to know what happened to another character, ask me.


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  1. Also, I think it would be weird for her to write a novel where her husband died as a teenager. I don’t believe a person would want to write something like that. They could have made it another character instead of him.

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