3 dramas from Shen Yue that you must watch

Today I want to share with you my 3 favorite dramas from Shen Yue, as I really enjoy them, as they are heart warming.

She has other dramas, but this are my favorite ones.

Dramas from Shen Yue

Mr. Bad

If you love Cliche dramas, you will love this one. It has all of them, and you never stop laughing.

This dramatell us the story of how Nan Xing (Shen Yue) wants to become a writer, and she has written a web novel, were Xiao Wu Di is the bad guy.

One day she ask for a wish of having an unforgettable love, and a fairy makes it come true. So he brings Xiao Wu Di out of the book and they start an enemies to lovers story.

What I like about this drama, was the role change in many scenes, as she is the one to declare her love, also she saves him, at the begining of the drama.

The cliches you will find in this drama are:

  • Enemies to lovers
  • wedding
  • cute date
  • rainy umbrella scene, that is also funny

Count Your Lucky Stars

This drama isn´t really famous, but I really like it. It´s entertaining for an afternoon after a long day of work.

Tong Xiao You (Shen Yue) has a lot of bad luck, she also dreams of becoming a fashion designer, so she manages to become the assistant of Lu Xing Cheng (Jerry Yan), who is arrogant.

One day they kiss accidentaly, and they exchange luck. So their friendship begins.

I like fashion, as you can see here on the blog, there is also an outfit section for celebrities, so I really enjoyed Count Your Lucky Stars, as everything was about the fasion world.

I started watching this drama because Jerry Yan was Daoming Si in the 2001 version of Meteor Garden and Shen Yue was the Shancai of the 2018 version. So I was curious of this drama, because of the two leads.

Meteor Garden

For me Meteor Garden is the one of the best versions of Hana Yori Dango.

I fell in love with the couple of Dylan Wang and Shen Yue in this drama. They had a lot of chemistry in the drama and behind the scenes.

Meteor Garden tells the story of a poor girl that goes to study to the university, and there she meets the F4, the four more popular and rich boys from college. Daoming Si is part of the F4, he bullies her and then they start an enemies to lovers story.

Some people dislike this drama, but for me is a classic.

Hope that my recomendetion of my favorite dramas from Shen Yue will help you

Tell me what is your favorite drama from Shen Yue.


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