Ending Explained of the drama Summer Strike -Final review

Summer Strike is a Korean drama, that for me is categorize as a slice of life trope. This means nothing happens, you only see life happens. This kind of dramas are relaxing, most of the times.

You can watch this drama on Netflix or Rakuten Viki. Probably there are other places, but I live in Central America, so those are the places you can watch on my region.

Ending Explained of the drama Summer Strike

From this point foward, you will read spoilers

Who killed An Dae-Beom’s sister?

Kwak Moo-Chul killed Dae-Boom’s sister.

We see how when they were young they were fighting in her house and they began to push and pull each other’s hair.

He pushes her against a piece of furniture and kills her.

He gets arrested.

Who killed grandma Jung Young-Sook?

Mrs. Jung Young-Sook died at the hands of Kwak Doo-Hee.

He wanted to attack Lee Yeo-Reum at her house, to make her leave it so that he could sell the property, but instead he found Jung Young-Sook there.

He confesses his crime while having a confrontation with Yeo-Reum.

What happens in the end with Kim Bom?

She is makes up with Yeo-Reum. Also with her dad, although in the end he returns to the bad life.

Bom tries to commit suicide but Yeo-Reum saves her and there Kim Bom apologizes to her.

She does not stay with any boy that was after her.

She enrolls to a webtoon contest.

He also found his way back to a life of happiness.

What happens in the end with An Dae-Beom?

Dae-Beom apologizes to his dad, after it is known that he did not commit any crime.

He stays living in the town. In the mornings he works in the library, in the afternoons he works remotely with the Dutch teacher and in the evenings he goes jogging with Yeo-Reum

What happens in the end with Lee Yeo-Reum?

Yeo-Reum stays in the village, working 4.5 hrs a day, 6 days a week as a store delivery girl. She works from 4 am to 8:30 am.

The rest of the day is for her. She finally got what she was looking for: time for herself.

She lives in Bom’s house, obviously, paying rent, so he helps her and her brother.

Of course he goes to the library every day to see Dae-Beom.

Does summer strike has a happy ending?

Yes, Summer Strike has a happy ending, as everyone finds happiness in their own ways. They start healing themselves.

All the killers go to jail.

Final review of the drama Summer Strike

  • Swoon 8/10

    I like the second lead couple. Also the first lead, but we didn´t got a kiss.
  • Squad goals 9/10

    Loved all the people in the community, they all formed part of the story, no one was written as a filler character.

    I really like how Lee Yeo-Reum formed a new family with Kim Bom, both of them were alone in this world, and they created a great friendship, that healed both of them.
  • Plot 9/10

    This is a healing story with mistery. Its told at Lee Yeo-Reum point of view.

    You will probably find yourserlf reflected at one of the characters, as all of them had issues in their lifes.

    It didn´t leave plot holes at the end, everything got resolved, so they could start healing of finding their way to happiness.

    This is a slow drama, that will relax you, but not bore you.

    I don´t know if the death of the grandmother was necessary, but that gave place for Kim Bo to reflect about her life.
  • cry 8/10

    It had it moments when you wanted to cry of happinnes or sadness.
  • Performance 9/10

    All the actors were great.

I really enjoyed this drama that came to me when I was stress from work

For me this drama is a 9/10

Hope the ending explained from the drama Summer Strike helps you.

Ask me any question if you want to know what happened to other character.


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