Ending Explained of True To Love or Bo Ra Deborah and final review

True to love or Bo Rah Deobrah, it reminded me so much of the romantic comedies of the 90s or early 2000s, but with the Korean touch to tell stories.

It is a very realistic story about relationships between human beings, they show very well the complexity of love relationships in different characters.

I liked it, although the ending expected something else, I’ll tell you right now.

Ending Explained of True To Love or Bo Ra Deborah

From this point foward you will find spoilers

Does Yeon Bo Ra (Deborah) y Lee Soo Hyuk end up together?

Yes, Yeon Bo Ra (Deborah) and Lee Soo Hyuk endend up together.

Deborah declares her love to Lee Soo Hyuk, but he doesn’t answer anything, although we know he loves her, but he continues with his problem of not knowing how to explain his feelings. He hasn´t learn his lesson.

So they decided to go their own way.

In the last 15 minutes we see how he finally confesses his love to Deborah and they start dating and in the end he gives her the engagement ring.

Honestly, I wanted Deborah to be left alone, like in Yumi Cells, that she prefers to be left alone and continue to find herself.

It would have been nice if they showed us more about Lee Soo Hyuk’s transformation, alone, without Deborah.

Also that they will show us Deborah recovering her life, alone. So that in a while he would meet Lee Soo Hyuk and they could already have a relationship.

Leaving them together, just like that, it didn’t go with the way the story was told. They only did it to please people who wanted a fairy tale ending, and the drama was never told as a fairy tale.

We see Deborah get her book published and get back on the radio, that’s okay, but I expected more of her growth.

What happened to Noh Ju Hwan?

Noh Ju Hwan invited Deborah to dinner and gave her an engagement ring and she explained that they couldn’t go back.

That’s when Noh Ju Hwan’s new girlfriend appears and they fight, while we see Deborah leaving.

Does Yang Jin Ho y Yeon Bo Mi end up together?

Yeon Bo Mi gets pregnant and Deborah punishes her, but then Yang Jin Ho manages to show how much he loves her, and Deborah authorizes the relationship.

They get married at Christmas and have twins.

What happened to  Lee Yu Jung y Yang Jin Woo

They manage to settle their differences in the last episode. They managed to understand each other. They are still married.

Final Review of True To Love or Bo Ra Deborah

  • Swoon 8/10

    The main couple didn´t had a lot of chemistry, but Yang Jin Ho y Yeon Bo Mi had a lot of chemistry. So we got our does of swoon.
  • Cry 5/10
    There weren´t a lot of scenes that made me wanna cry, eventhough the frist episodes were really melodramatic.
  • Laugh 8/10
    You will laugh with all the silly things that happens to Deobrah.
    The drama is 70% melodramatic and 30% laughs.
  • Plot 9/10
    This drama made me think about Love & the city, as Mr. Big was cold and also did Lee Soo Hyuk. Deborah was a writer and at the end of several episodes we would get conclusions as Carrie did on Sex & the city.

    This drama is more about relationships than love. That´s why we see several couples trying to find their way.

    I really liked how they showed how really breakups are. That was so realistic.

    For me all the relationships, even the married one showed how some people in marriage behave.

    For me it was well written and I would only change the ending.
  • Performance 9/10
    All the main leads did a great job potraying their characters.

For me this drama is a 9/10. It really is entretaining.


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