Ending Explained of the kdrama Little Women

This was an ending that really left me satisfied. I liked the ending of each of the characters.

This drama kept me at the edge of my seat.

I liked that in the last episode they told sotries of certain moments of past episodes and that help us understand a lot of details.

For me, this is a 10/10 drama that I recommend for people looking for athriller and mystery drama.

In the end, all the characters grew so much that it was joyful to see their goals achieved after everything they went through.

The best thing is that justice was obtained. I even thought that we were going to have a dark ending.

Ending Explained of the kdrama Little Women

From this point foward you will find spoilers.

What happened in the end to Oh In Joo?

She achieves her freedom, since Jin Hwa-Young appears at the trial and tells how she was really the one who made the bank transfers and that Won Sang-A was the one who asked her to steal the money.

In the end, she receives the Han River apartment, which belonged to her great-aunt. Her dream apartment.

She also gets the money she wanted so much, since Oh In-Hye makes a bank transfer for 23 million won and tells her that with that money she should buy a house for her, because she is the one who has done the most for In-Hye , and the one that has sacrificed the most for the family.

This was my favorite character, Kim Go Eun really acted very well.

What happened in the end with Oh In-Kyung?

She ends up uncovering everything about the Jaegron society on TV, so Sang-A ends up kidnapping her but Choi Do-Il saves her.

She is offered a job as a news anchor, but she decides to study journalism outside of Korea, with the monetary help of Oh In Joo, who was going to take out a loan on the apartment that her great-aunt gave her. But in the end In-Hye also sends her money, I don’t remember the exact amount right now, but it was about 7 million won, so that with that money she could grow in her journalistic career.

What happened to Oh In-Hye?

In-Hye escapes with Hyo-Rin in episode 9 or 10. In episode 12 they show us that Choi Do-Il helped them to scape safely and get to a new place, he was always taking care and protecting them.

When Hyo-Rin became 18, she took out all the money from her bank accounts and they divide the money between the 3 of them: In-Hye, Hyo-Rin and Do-Il.

Then In-Hye splits her money with her sisters.

Closing episode 12 with In-Hye’s written letter was very cute and made the drama have a satisfying ending.

In-Hye always had a plan for her family, she never did anything out of evil.

What happened to Choi Do-Il

He was always supporting In Joo and her sisters until the end.

Choi Do-Il testified on In-Joo’s trial, saying that he was the one who took the money. So they put him in jail, but when Hwa-Young turned up alive, all charges were dropped, as there was no evidence against him.

He rescued In-Kyung and has also been taking care of In-Hye since she escaped.

He loved money, but you can also tell that he loved and supported In Joo.

For me, he was the character that was the rock that supported the sisters, so they could had a happy ending.

In the end he manages to get his money.

What happened to Park Jae-Sang?

He takes his own life in episode 10, since Sang-A gave him the blue orchid, so he had to take his own life, for the sake of the Jaegron association.

What happened to Jin Hwa-Young at the end?

She faked her death and held a press conference where we see that she filmed how Sang-A killed another person, thinking it was Hwa-Young.

She also asks them to download the accounting application that she had created and she uploaded there all the information of the frauds that Sang-A family has done for years.

She was doing everything for revenge, since her mother was one of the victims of the bankrupcy, which was created the Jaegron society.

In the end she went to prision for about 12 years, for fraud, but for her it was worth the revenge.

What happened at the end to Won Sang-A

She dies, as she kidnaps Hwa-Young, then we see how In Joo comes to rescue her. Then Sang-A turns on the acid water sprinklers on Hwa-Young, so In Joo runs to rescue her and gets into a fight with Sang-A and she falls into an artificial lake with the acid water and dies there.

We also fond out that Sang-A killed her mom by accident.

She died alone without her love ones.

With her also dies the Jaegron society.

I hope that the ending explained of the kdrama Little Women will be useful to you.

If you want to know the ending of another character, who I may have forgotten, tell me, so I can add it.

Also if there is any specific detail that you would like to know, just tell me.


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