Alchemy of Souls first season ending explained

As we are wating for season two of Alchemy of souls, that is program to be realesed on december 10, with 10 last episodes, let me recap and explain the ending of the first season.

From this point you will find spoilers.

Alchemy of Souls first season ending explained

I will explain the end as what happened to each character.

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What happens to Jang Uk at the end of Alchemy of Souls

Jang-Uk proposes marriage to Mu Deok and they were already arranging everything for their wedding.

Jin Mu realizes that she is Nak Su, so he “hypnotizes” her to bring out her soul-changing essence, thus bringing out her murderous side.

Mu Deok kills Jang-Uk, when he was protecting her, because they were going to kill her. She comes out of the trance and realizes that she killed Jang-Uk, total tragedy. Just remembering those scenes makes me wanna cry again.

Then we see how they are going to burn Jang-Uk’s body as if he were a criminal and in that a blue light is seen and Jang-Uk is reincarnate and walking towards Master Lee.

Mu Deok And Jang Uk at the end first season of Alchemy of Souls
Mu Deok And Jang Uk at the end first season of Alchemy of Souls

What Happens to Mu Deok / Nak Su

Jin Ho-kyung begins to suspect that Mu Deok is the real Jin Bu-yeon, so he begins to ask several questions about her past.

Master Lee tells Jang Uk that Mu Deok’s body must have belonged to someone very powerful to contain Nak Su’s soul.

In other words, evryone one is finding out who Mu Deok really is, but nobody says it openly in the end.

Jin Mu’s finds out that Mu Deok is Nak Su, he hypnotizes her, and sends her to kill Jin Woo-tak.

When Mu Deok got to Woo-Tak, she begins to fight him, she´s is now fighting as Nak Su’s did in her body. Then Jin Cho-yeon and Park Dang-gu arrive and start to fight her, but Mu Deok gets the job done and kills Woo-Tak.

When more soldiers arrived, she flees to the forest and when they were going to attack her, Jang-Uk appears and protects her, but since she was in a trance she kills him.

When she gets snap out of the trance and realizes what is happening and starts crying.

There we see that she has already started to petrify so she goes to the lake and jumps towards it, and at the end we see how 2 people take Mu Deok out of the water.

Does Jin Cho-yeon y Park Dang-gu end up together?

In the end they stay together, but just on the day of their wedding, the tragedy occurs that Mu Deok killed Jang-Uk, so in the end the ceremony did not take place.

Jin Cho-yeon promises her mom to kill Nak Su, but her mom tells her that she must take her alive, because they have to find out whose body Mu Deok really is.

What happens to Seo Yul?

In episode 19 we see how he says goodbye to Mu Deok, that is, he lets Nak Su go.

In episode 20 we see how he is punished for knowing that Nak Su was Mu Deok.

What happens to prince Won

He found out that the king to be crowned is really Jang Uk.

Hope the Alchemy of Souls first season ending explained is helpful

If you want to know the ending of any other character, just let me know and I will ad it.


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