Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained & Final Review

Love Between Fairy and Devil drama, got us captivated for several weeks. It is on my top 3 dramas for 2022.

I recommend it if you like Chinese fantasy dramas, or if you wanna give it try to this genre of drama and you enjoy movies as Harry Potter, or Lord of the rings.

What annoyed me from this drama at first, was the voice from the female main lead. As I saw this drama in Rakuten Viki, I got to understand from the comments in that app, that Little Orchid acted like that as she was 5 years old in human years, as it is always told in the drama that she´s 500 years old.

This is a 36 episode Chinese drama that you can watch at Iqiyi or Rakuten Viki

From this point you will find spoilers

Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained

I will explain the end of the main characters of the drama

What happens at the end with fairy Orchid and Dongfang Qingcang?

Fairy orchid reincarnates as Goddess Xi Yun and she acts as if she lost her memory about her life as Little Orchid.

But she has a plan, which is to marry Chang Heng and have enough power to destroy the evil spirit, because it is almost certain that he will go after Dongfang Qingcang.

Dongfang Qingcang has a very emotional scene with her, on the padlock bridge, where she begins to tell Goddess Xi Yun everything he really felt for her .

After that, she shows him that she does remember her past but will marry Chang Heng anyway, she doesn’t tell him why, but Dongfang Qingcang figures it out.

So on the day of the wedding, he decides to fight against the evil spirit, which ended up possessing Dongfang Qingcang’s body.

Dongfang Qingcang came to interrupt the wedding and all the guests started attacking him, because he became more powerful than ever.

Then fairy Orchid goes up to him and kisses him, then she manages to reach Dongfang Qingcang’s mind and he asks her to kill him to stop the spirit, she refuses at first, but then she agrees and she kills him. This was such a sad scene.

After he dies, we see the moon bone seed reaching fairy orchid, which she must plant and take care of so that Dongfang Qingcang can reincarnate again. So in the last 5 minutes of the last episode he shows up and kisses her.

Update: On September 12 Iqiyi broadcast a 3-minute special, where we didn´t had new scenes, but Dongfang Qingcang told us that he has been married to Goddess Xi Yun for 300 years and that she has already returned to being the same of before.

Does Orchid fall in love with Donfang

On episode 26 we finally see them kissing.

Orchid loved him so much.

Does Love Between Fairy and Devil have sad ending?

Love Between Fairy and devil has a happy ending. As Donfang was reborn.

On the special episodes, they explained that Orchid and Donfang were expecting a baby

Will there be a season 2 of Love Between Fairy and Devil?

No, there isn´t gonna be a season 2 of Love Between Fairy and Devil.

We only got special episodes explaining their life after they got married.

Did Chan Heng and Dan Yin end up together?

They didn´t end up together as a couple, but they had a talk that they wanted to be close friends.

Chan Heng resing from being the God of war and Dan Yin will take an exam to became the God of war.

What happens in the end with Rong Hao

The Chidi woman, can no longer control herself and begins to kill many people, so she asks him to kill her.

Then he begins to remember how she rescued him when he was little, and that when he was dead, she took him to be reincarnated and that´s when the relationship of master and apprentice was born.

In the end he hugs her and kills her. Later we see that the main characters bring flowers totwo graves, which implies that he also took his own life.

What happens to Jie Li y Shang Que

Jie Li and Sang Que stayed together, in the end we can see that Jie Li adopts some orphan kids and they will rise them together.

Final Review

  • Funny: 9/10

    In the first and second episode what get me going were the funny scenes
  • Swoon: 10/10

    Esther Yu and Dylan Wang have a lot of chemistry. I really like their enemy to lovers story
  • Squad Goals: 8/10

    Second leads story was interesting and they weren´t fillers
  • Plot: 10/10

    I really liked how they solve problems in each episode.
    There weren´t filler episodes
    All the characters had a purpose
    This story was very well written, eventough the ending was rush.
  • Cry: 10/10

    I cried since episode 30, you can really feel the pain of the characters.
  • Performance of Dylan Wang: 10000/10

    For me this is his best drama, up to this date that I´m writting this.
    He really made us cry and smile.
    The exchange of body scenes, he really nailed it, he was acting just as Little Orchid.
  • Performances: 9/10

    Don´t hate me, but Dylan Wang performance surpass Esther Yu acting in some scenes , and that made sometimes look unbalance. She´s a good actress, but in this drama she was overshadow in some scenes.

Overall this is one of my top 3 dramas of 2022, and for me is a 10/10

Hope that Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained will help you

If you want me to add other characters that you will like to know the ending of them, let me know.


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    1. Hi, they ended up together. Jeili adopted some orphan kids, so they wouldn´t go through what she went through. She got to say goodbye to her real father and kept a good relationship with her sister, Dan Yin

    1. Hi, no there isn’t a season 2. Only special episode were they narrated their life together. Look for it on tiktok. It’s on Iqiyi

  1. ciao concordo con la tua analisi 10/10 mi piacerebbe la spiegazione dell finale di ‘ le leggende’ con Bai lou e Xu Kai

  2. I was scrolling through Netflix to find a kdrama to watch and pressed on a random one which happened to be this one. I get stuck on the first episode and it’s Definatly a roller coaster. I just got done watching the last episode balling my eyes out but I watched the whole thing in 3-1/2 days. I was that glued into it. Watched it on my phone, my iPad and the tv I was that into it. They def should make a season 2.

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