5 dramas similar to Lovely Runner – with higschool love and time travel plot

If you like the kdrama Lovely Runner, that has time travel and love. I wanto to suggest this similar dramas.

Dramas similar to Lovely Runner

Love in time

He Zhen Yu, a lawyer hits rock bottom after taking on a divorce case involving an actress, his childhood friend. He lost his job, house and frienships in 2022

He retires to a mysterious apartment, where he starts seeing a woman. Who only appaears at 10:06 pm for half and hour.

Chen Jia Lan, is a reporter who has been living in the apartment for more than a year. But at 10:06 an arrogant guy appears, claiming the apartment as his.

After sometime, He Zhen Yu realizes that Chen Jia Lan lives in 2020.

He will try to make her change his past, But love will grow between them. They will go out on dates, all the days ata 10:06

Someday or one day

In 2019, 27-year-old Huang Yu Xuan yearns for her missing boyfriend Wang Quan Sheng, presumed dead for two years. On her birthday, she wishes to “see him.”

Meanwhile, in 1998, 17-year-old Chen Yun Ru pines for a boy who doesn’t share her feelings. Her birthday wish is to “become the girl Li Zi Wei loves.”

A mysterious cassette player transports Yu Xuan into Yun Ru’s life as she awakens in the past, facing a shocking twist—she’s now high schooler Chen Yun Ru.

The person beside her isn’t Wang Quan Sheng but Li Zi Wei. Stuck in the past, living Yun Ru’s life, Yu Xuan must prevent Yun Ru’s impending 1999 death. Li Zi Wei, her new classmate, unexpectedly develops feelings for her, complicating matters as his friend Mo Jun Jie also harbors a crush.

Shining for One Thing

Lin Bei Xing, is about to enter her 30s, suddenly finds that her life has gone wrong when her fiancé, Zhan Yu, whom she has been in love with since high school, cancels their engagement to date her best friend.

Lin Bei Xing is sad and she activates her old school phone. When she deletes a message she went back to highschool, when she was 17.

There she meets Zhang Wan Sen, a student she doesn´t remember meeting.

Bei Xing went back again in time, to when she was 30. When she started looking for her new friend, She realizes that Zhang Wan Sen took his life when he was 18.

So she go back in time again, to save his new friend. Get into a better college and get her life together.

Twinkling Watermelon

In 2023, Eun Gyeol is ahigh-school student, that has a passion for music. Both of his parents are deaf.

One day Eun Gyeol has a fight with his father, Ha Yi Chan . So Eun Gyeol decides to sell his guitar in a mysterious store.

After he goes out of the store he finds himself in the 90s, going to school with his father and forming a band together. As in the 90s his father could hear.

The Story of Park´s Marriage contract

In the 19th century, on the night of her wedding day, Park Yeon Woo’s husband died after revealing that he had suffered from a heart condition for a long time.

She is devastated, but before she can even mourn her husband, a man kidnaps her and throws her in a well.

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw her husband before her. Transcending time, space, and death, she is now in present-day Seoul, South Korea, and the man who saves her from the swimming pool is Kang Tae Ha, who looks a lot like her dead husband from the 19th century.

Now Park Yeon Woo, has to adapt to the modern life of South Korea.

Hope you enjoy the suggestions of dramas silimiar to Lovely Runner, with highschool love and time travel plot


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