Theories of who is the killer in the drama Blind

Blind is a mystery, cop thriller korean drama that has 16 episodes.

There are two lines of time, one that is in the past, and is dark, as they tell us the story of a group of children that lived in an orphanage and we can see that they were violently abused.

The other story is in the present, where we can see that Ryu Sung-Joon, who is a cop, gets frame to be a serial killer. While Ryu Sung-Hoon and Jo Eun-Ki helps him to clear his name.

Theories of who is the killer in the drama Blind

Who was the killer

On episode 15 and 16 we see that the killer was Ryu Sung-hoon who planned everything and Jung In-Sung executed the killing.

You can read what happened to them here.

Is Ryu Sung-Hoon the killer?

After watching so many mystery thriller Asian dramas, one can already expect anything, so although Sung-Joon doesn’t remember his past until episode 6, but he has flashbacks that reminds him of certain childhood moments, it may has something to do with the kids from the orphanage.

Although we have been shown scenes where he has been in another place when a murder occurs, that means that he ins´t the murder at 100% but there is a small chance.

Update episode 9 He was acquited as we get to know that the killer of Jung Man-Chun and his family was Baek Moon-Kang.

Could Sung-Hoon be the killer?

He has not been present at all the key moments. Also those perfect characters gives me mistrust vibes.

Update episode 9 He probably is part of the orphans, as on this episode we see how he sculpts all the kids from the orphanage.

Update episode 12 He is number 13. He isn´t the killer

Could Jung In-Sung be part of the orphanage kids?

In episode 6 we saw that he was late for the jury reunion at the restaurant. The exact day and time that the taxi driver Choi Soon-Gil was killed.

Update episode 9 He was hurt on the lip, that seems suspicious.

Update episode 12 I´m 99.9% sure he is the killer as he is number 11

Is Ahn Tae-Ho the killer?

In episode 6 we saw that the person who killed the taxi driver Choi Soon-Gil was someone who was there on the day of the trial. Plus he’s someone who limps.

Tae-Ho did not like people who took pictures of him on the day of the trial, he also limps and greeted Baek Moon-Kang at the end of the trial.

So for the time being, he is a suspect.

Update episode 9 He dies, but we get to know he was part of the orphans

Hope this theories of who is the killer in the drama Blind could help you.

I will be updating them as soon as we have more episodes.

Tell me your theoires of who is the killer.


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