Who´s the killer and ending explained of My Perfect Stranger

My Perfect Stranger is a Korean drama that had 16 episodes. It aired during may and june of 2023. I saw it on Rakuten Viki, as I live in Central America.

From this point foward, you will find spoilers

Who´s the killer in the drama My Perfect Stranger

The serial killer was Yoon Yeon Woo, as shown at the end of episode 14 and explained to us in episode 15, as how he carried out the murders.

In other words, our protagonist is killed by his own father in the future.

We also see how our protagonist, Yoon Hae Joon, explains to his father that he kills his own son in the future and that he will most likely never have an answer as to why.

What happened at the end with Lee Soon Ae and Baek Hee Seop?

When Baek Yoon Young returns to the present, we see that her parents are married. Lee Soon Ae is a writer and how they make a cute family.

What happens to Baek Yoon Young?

She is currently her mom’s editor and has the family life she always wanted.

She healed in 1987 the relationship she had with her parents.

She is dating Yoon Hae Joon.

What happens to Yoon Hae Joon?

In 1987 he manages to mend his relationship with his grandfather and when he returns to the present he can see that they always went fishing.

He also says goodbye to his mother, before she leaves him in the care of his grandfather.

He starts dating Baek Yoon Young.

In 1987 Hae Joon meets his son, and tells him that in the end he did not die from the serial killer.

Final review of My Perfect Stranger

  • Swoon 9/10 for the second lead couple
    1/10 for the main lead

    For me the second lead couple, form by Lee Soon Ae and Baek Hee Seop, should have been the only romantic couple.

    I felt that the main couple relationship was forced. They didn´t had chemistry as a couple, only as partners in crime.
  • Squad goals 10/10

    I really liked all the friendship relationships in this story
  • Laugh 5/10

    As any other drama it had its moments where it made us laugh, but this isn´t a rom-com, this was a melodrama, so being comic, was only to relief some tension scenes.
  • Sci-Fi 10/10

    This was an understandable travel in time story. It only had one jump in time to 1987, and that´s it
  • Mystery: 10/10

    This drama really got us thinking all the time who was the killer. When we thought we knew something happened that made all our theories disappear.
  • Cry: 10/10
    In every episode they kept us crying, telling us beautiful healing stories.
  • Plot: 10/10

    Really well told story. Nice pace of storytelling.

    The writter kept us guessing who was the killer.

    The ending, didn´t had much plot wholes.

    Sometimes I felt this was base in back to the future movie.

    This wan´t only a serial killer story, this drama also showed us how to heal with our past.

    My favorite episode was when the female lead saw what happened to his dad and why he became the worst dad ever, in the future
  • Performance: 10/10
    All the actors did a great job.

For me My Perfect Stranger is a 10/10


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