Ending Explained and final review of the drama Third finger offered to a king

Third Finger offered to a king or Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi is a Japanese drama that was aired from april to june 2023. It has 10 episodes.

It´s a beautiful arrange marriage story.

Ending Explained of the drama Third Finger Offered to a King

From this point foward, you will find spoilers.

Did Haneda Ayaka and Nitta Togo end un together?

Yes, Haneda Ayaka and Nitta Togo, end up together.

Haneda Ayaka found out that Togo asked for her for divorce as his stepmom will keeping hurting her.

So Togo best friend helped to meet Ayaka and that they could sort out their relationship.

Togo decided to cancel his wedding.

At the end we see them get marry, again, but this time for love. And we also see them living a happy life.

What happened in the end to Nitta Shizuka

Togo and Ayaka went to visit her, and told her that they will get married.

She told Togo that she wanted to tear them apart as she only has him as a son.

Her husband brings his biological son, so they can make up for the time they weren´t together.

At the end she changes and accpets Ayaka.

I didn´t like her ending. She was really bad to them and she changes from one day to other, becoming a nice person.

What happened to Ayaka family?

They kept the fish cake shop, after Togo stepmom, stop bothering them

Final Review of The Third Ring Offered to the King

  • Swoon 10/10

    The main characters had a lot of chemistry.

    They made my heart really happy when they were falling in love

    I really liked the relationship they had.
  • Laugh 8/10
    The main couple had a lot of funny moments.

    There were also side characters that were funny.
  • Cry 5/10
    I felt sad when they brokeup what I didn´t cry a lot
  • Plot 8/10

    Felt the story a little bit rush towards the end

    Didn´t liked the styling of the main leads
  • Performance 10/10

    All the actors did a great job

For me, Third finger offered to a king is a 9/10


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  1. Rating 7/10..the starting and ending episodes were interesting but I didn’t liked those in between episodes especially 7th..however overall it was a great story with a happy ending and the main leads had a great chemistry..💗💗

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