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Atypical family has 12 episodes and you can watch on Netflix.

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From this point foward you will find spoilers

Is Bok Gwi-Ju Alive?

Yes, Bok Gwi Ju is alive. We see on the last 5 minutes on episode 12 that he comes back.

He has a son with Do Da Hae. The son is 5 years old and he can travel on time too. So his mother tells him to look for his father. As she starts walking outside the door, she turns back and their son is holding hands with Bok Gwi Ju

We can also sense that he was coming back, as his mother tells the family to add another plate to the table as someone else was coming for dinner.

In my opinion, the kid went to the fire were Gwi Ju saved Do Da Hae and got him back before the explosion. As Gwi Ju had the same cloth, and he was cover with smoke stains.

Does Bok I Na and Bok Gwi – Ju have a good father – daughter relationship?

At the begining of the drama Bok Gwi Ju is an alcoholic, due to the reason that he lost his boss and his wife and he couldn´t save them. So he never was a good father to Bok I Na.

Things change, and he started taking responsability for his life.

In the las couple of episodes we can see that he takes good care of Bok I Na.

He takes her to the games as promise and buys her cotton candy.

We can see that she´s happy that her dad went to see her dance at the last episode. She wants to show him that she has friends now.

Is Do Da Hae a bad person?

In the begining of the drama we can see that she works as a swindler that wants to get the fortune of the Bok family.

But then we see she´s a good person that has had a bad life.

Is Baek Il Hong the real mother of Do Da Hae?

No, Do Da Hae works for Baek Il Hong as a swindler.

Do Da Hae fathers die and he had a loan to pay to Baek Il Hong, so she took her as her “daughter”.

But in the end we can see that Baek Il Hong sees Do Da Hae as her daughter.

Baek Il Hong even has a good relationship with the Bok family

Does Bok Dong Hee  can fly again?

Yes, Bok Dong Hee can fly again. She lost weight.

She even says in the last episode that she start gaining weight as food was a way to cope with frustration of leaving her career as a model.

She flied in the highschool to save the people from the fire, as she got the fire courtain down.

She ditched her fiancee and started dating Do Da Hae uncle.

Who Saved Do Da Hae from the fire when she was on highschool?

Bok Gwi-Ju saved Do Da Hae from the fire. On the last episode we see he went to the past and found her were she was locked.

He tells her to not worry because she will find a family soon.

And he pushes her from the window and saves her.

Who started the fire in Bok I Na school?

Bok Dong Hee Fiancee started the fire in Bok I Na school.

He was trying to go back with Bok Dong Hee, as she found out that he was having an affair, so she cancelled the wedding.

He light some candles to make a romantic mood and that is how the fire got started.


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