The Secret Romantic Guesthouse ending explained and review

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse or Secret Romantic Guesthouse is a period drama with a lot of mystery.

It kept me very entertained and week after week I waited for the episodes and to know who the crown prince and the guardian were.

I liked the group of 4 friends. They had a good balance between them.

Secret Romantic Guesthouse ending explained

From this point foward you wil find spoilers

Does Yoon Dan Oh and Kang San end up together?

Yes, Yoon Dan Oh and Kang San end up together.

Kang San has a duel with his uncle and his uncle jumped at Kang San’s sword, so we could say that uncle committed suicide.

Then Kang San makes the decision to leave the throne and travel the world with Yoon Dan Oh.

At the end we see that she is pregnant.

Does Kim Shi Yeol and Yoon Hong Joo end up together?

Yes, Kim Shi Yeol and Yoon Hong Joo end up together.

Yoon Hong Joo explained to Kim Shi Yeol that she would always resent him for killing her fiancé.

With the king having died, Kim Shi Yeol’s job as guardian ended and Kang San discharged him from being his guardian.

So she says goodbye to Yoon Hong Joo and he goes on a trip.

We see time go by and that she is still in love with him. He also confesses to Yoon Dan Oh that he already forgave him.

One day Kim Shi Yeol returns, they reconcile and get married.

What happens in the end with Jung Yoo Ha?

Jung Yoo Ha becomes the new king and we see how everyone loves him and he sneaks into Kim Shi Yeol’s wedding.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse final review

  • Swoon 10/10
    The two main couples had a lot of chemistry, we saw a lot of kisses, even a marriage.
  • squad goals 10/10
    Really loved the gruoup of 4 friends that they had. All of them had their misteries, but they help each other everytime.
  • Laugh 7/10
    It had funny moments, but nothing memorable.
  • Action 10/10
    More than action this drama had a lots of mystery in the first episodes, we were all the weeks guessing who was the prince and the watchman.

    It had so much good fighting scenes.
  • Plot: 10/10
    Really well written drama. Never got bored.

    After we saw who was the prince and watchman I was afraid the drama would crash, but it didn´t. The writters knew how to keep our attention.

    All of the characters had mysteries, and they were all unfolding in every single episode, so that kept my attendion.

    It was fast pased storytelling.
  • Performance 10/10
    All of them did a great job. Fighting dramas are hard, but they nailed it.

For me The Romantic GuestHouse is a 10/10


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