Starry Love ending explained and final review

Starry Love was a funny and very entertaining Chinese drama. I saw it on Viki, but you can also see it on YouTube.

Starry Love Ending Explained

From this point foward you will find spoilers of the ending of the main characters

Does Shao Dian You Qin and Li Guang Ye Tan stay together?

Technically yes. After watching dramas for so many years, for me this was a happy ending where they stayed together. It doesn’t mean I liked the ending, but they end up together.

Ye Tan sacrifices herself to save the world, since Suzhi wanted revenge and caused the rift to open and the only way to save the world was for Ye Tan to die.

In the end they manage to recover the fauna of the place where the twin flowers are from. That makes them germinate again. So we see that after a long time the flowers come back to life.

That is the end of the drama, we do not see them reincarnated, but if the flowers germinated, that means that they reincarnated.

Dian You Qin was there the whole time, until the flowers germinated.

Does Chao Feng and Li Guang Qing Kui end up together?

Technically yes. After Suzhi stole Qing Kui’s flower so she could destroy the world. They manage to get their flower to germinate in the soil where the twin flowers were originally from.

Thus we see the flowers reborn and flying through the air, that means that Qing Kui and his sister will be reincarnated.

Chao Feng was there the whole time until the flowers germinated.

What happened to Man Man?

She dies in the last few episodes.

I cried for her because her character gave life to Ye Tan, the two had a nice friendship.

The good thing is that he died almost in the last episodes, and they didn’t ruin the experience of the drama with that.

What happens to Di Lan Jue?

Di Lan Jue marries Zi Wu and it is seen that they will have a son.

What happens to Su Zhi

She dies at the end, when she herself created the end of the world.

What happens in the end with Wu Dai

Wu Dai ends up with the snake princess.

Does Yan Fang receives punishment

Yes, He does get his punishment. Te Yan ends his life and she becomes the queen of the Void.

Does Emperor of heaven gets punish

Yes, he receives his punishment, Te Yang takes away his core and he becomes an ordinary person.

Starry Love Final Review

  • Swoon 10/10

    Both leading couples were amazing, I couldn´t pick between Chao Feng and Li Guang Qing Kui or Shao Dian You Qin and Li Guang Ye Tan

    I never like second lead couples, but in this drama I didn´t foward their stories.
  • Cry 7/10

    There were several sad moments in this drama, but I only cried when Man Man died.
  • Laugh 10/10

    The first part of the drama is really funny, Yetan and Man Man will always make us laugh.
  • Action and FX 9/10

    The fights always seem real and the FX was great
  • Plot 9/10

    It was well written. It had character development according to the story.

    I liked how Ye Tang became more powerful than her husband before the end.

    Ye Tang was a little bit annoying in the begining of the story but at the end, you could see her growth.
  • Performance 10/10

    All the actors did a perfect jo

For Me this was a 10/10 drama

It made me laugh, it was fill with action, I always wanted to know what will happen next.

If you want to know what happens at the end with a particular character, just tell me.


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