Ending Explained of the Chinese drama Forbidden Flower – Final review

Forbidden Flower is a sensual and sexy drama. I saw it on air on Rakuten Viki and was addicted to it.

Ending Explained of Forbidden Flower

Does  Xiao Han and He Ran end up together in Forbidden flower?

Xiao Han and He Ran manage to reconcile.

Xiao Han learns that He Ran has leukemia and has relapsed again.

He asks her to marry him and they have a beautiful wedding, which took place in his town with his tribe.

Then we see how they talk in the snow and they make us understand that she dies. Yes, lets cry together, Xiao Han and He Ran don’t stay together, because she dies. In my opinion she doesn’t die in the snow, but it was just explained for us in a nice romantic way.

At the end of episode 24, you must watch after the credits, to see the scene where Xiao Han is in a field of flowers and he hears He Ran yelling his name and she approaches him. But it really is only his imagination. That is why you will see some people say that it has a happy ending, but in reality it is only his imagination.

Does Zhang Yuan Qi and Chou Jia Rong end up together?

In the end we see that they have a reconciliation.

He Ran tells her mom that she has to rebuild her life, because she has already take care of her for enough time.

It is seen that Yuan Qi and Jia Rong will start a relationship, but it was not 100% confirmed when it ended.

Final Review of the drama Forbidden Flower

  • Swoon 10/10

    I had never seen in a while a Chinese drama so senusal with great love scenes.

    The leading couple had such chemistry. They didn´t need to talk too much as everytime they were together you could see the love and passion on them.

    I also loved the second lead couple.

    Great casting as the couples were on fire.
  • Cry: 10/10

    This drama was a rollercoaster of emotions in every episode. You are gonna cry a lot in this drama.
  • Plot 8/10

    The plot had some holes at the end, I don´t know if they are reserving scenes for an special episode or what happen. But the last 2 episodes were rush and cut.

    The neighbor character should not exist, he didn´t bring anything to the table.

    Also the campus friends seem off, they only appear few times and only had relevance in one episode.

    I felt that He Ran character didn´t had a lot of development. But I loved her, how she fought for her love and didn´t let anyone manipulate her.
  • Cinematography 10/10

    Great scenes they were really good curated.
  • Performance 10/10

    Jerry Yan was so sexy and really knows how to interpret an introvert guy.

    Xu Ruo Han also did a great job

For me this is a 9/10 drama


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