Happy or Sad ending in the drama The Law Cafe?

For me this drama started so good but got lost in the middle.

Ending Explained of the drama The Law Cafe

Does Kim Jung-Ho and Kim Yoo-Ri end up together?

Yes, Kim Jung-Ho and Kim Yoo-Ri got married.

Jung-Ho proposes to Yoo-Ri, but she says no, as she thinks love changes and is afraid to commit to a relationship.

But since Jung-Ho almost lost his life and that made Yoo-Ri react.

Also, Yoo-Ri’s mother talks with her and explains that everything always changes, that the important thing is to enjoy the now and see where life leads.

Yoo-Ri runs out to find Jung-Ho and asks if he stills wants to get married.

The day of the wedding a storm occurs, but even though it was raining, they got married.

In the end Jung-Ho becomes the lawyer again and works with Yoo-Ri at the Law Cafe.

Does CEO Lee Pyun-Woong pays for his crimes?

Yes he paid for his crimes, as he is arrested for fraud and also because he kidnapped Yoo-Ri’s mom and also stabbed Jung-Ho.

I didn’t like that stabbing scene, the police were there and nobody did anything. The script wasn´t well written.

What happens at the end with CEO Hong y Lee Yeon-Joo?

Yeon-Joo asks CEO Hong for a divorce, but they still have contact and get along. We never saw them getting a divorce only living apart.

But I felt a vibe that they will make up.

What happens to Bae Joon?

He decides to continue as a lawyer, looking for work in a pro bono law firm.

What happens to Seo Eun-Kang?

He begins to get along better with Jung-Ho and he feels more peaceful, eventough he will always miss his sister.

Final Review of the drama The Law Cafe

  • Funny 8/10

    I really liked the first episodes and they made me laugh a lot.
  • Swoon: 9/10

    Kim Jung-Ho and Kim Yoo-Ri really had chemistry. All the kiss scenes were great. We also got a wedding.
  • Squad Goals: 8/10

    The neighbors made us laugh, we also got to the se life of Yoo-Ri friends and the guys from the cafe.

    For me this drama had a lot of characters.
  • Plot: 8/10

    It started so good, the main lead couple was so cute. The stories of the people that went to Law Cafe were great, but it got a little bit draggy in the middle.

    Didn´t like the scene were Jung-Ho got stabbed. The place was full of cops, how come no one did anything.
  • Cry: 5/10

    There were sad scenes but didn´t made me cry.
  • Performances: 9/10

    I really enjoyed the performance of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young.

    Loved Yoo-Ri, she was so empowered. Also loved her styling. She was really funny.

Overall for me The Law Cafe is a 8/10

Hope the Ending Explained of the drama The Law Cafe and review will help you.


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