Who killed the crown prince in the drama Under The Queen´s Umbrella?

Queen Hwa-Ryeong must protect the lives of her children, since the crown prince is ill and the king’s mother wants to remove her from power, taking advantage of the fact that the crown prince is ill.

The last time a crown prince was sick and died, one of the king’s concubines came to power and all the children of the former queen died in very rare accidents.

Everything related to how the king’s mother arrived, who was the king’s concubine at that time, is very strange. In addition, all the people related to that change of power are dead or in very high positions in the government, so the current queen, Hwa-Ryeong, cannot know exactly the cause of death of the crown prince and how the concubine passed to be the queen

So Queen Hwa-Ryeong decides to start raising her other 4 children as crown princes, so that one of them remains in power and thus avoid being killed.

Who killed the crown prince in the drama Under The Queen´s Umbrella?

On episode 5 and 6 we saw who the killers were

  • Crown Prince Ikhyeon was killed by Queen Dowager, because she wanted to become the Queen, as she was the concubine of the King.

    The crowne prince had an illness, but it seems that it was because of poisoning him. Let´s wait more episode to see if they talk more about it.

    She confessed her crime to Queen Yoon, while she was in prision.
  • The crown prince son of Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong, was poisoned by Consort Hwang, who wanted him to get sick, as she has always wanted to be the Queen and his son the crown prince, as he was the King first son.

    The royal physician gave him the poison as Consort Hwang and him have a relationship.

    Consort Hwang father is trying to blame Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong for the death of the crown prince, to protect his daughter.

    The crowne prince was hemopholic, that isn´t said explicit, but they always says his wounds are always bleeding and they hardly heal.

    Remember that Crowne prince Ikhyeon wasn´t blood related to his crowne prince.

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