Korean and Chinese dramas that ended with a wedding in 2022/23

In this space I want to gather the name of dramas that have had a wedding scene between the main leads.

I will only add dramas that have a wedding scene, where we can see the bride with her wedding dress

The drama must have a happy ending, because there could be a wedding, but the drama can have a tragic ending.

Personally, I don’t care if there is a wedding or not, but I think that for many people this is very important.

I will be updating this post, depending on the end of the dramas, until February 2023, since there are dramas that start in December 2022 and end in that month.

Korean and Chinese dramas that ended with a wedding in 2022

The Law Cafe

Kim Jung-Ho and Kim Yoo-Ri know each other since high school. Now as adults they meet again and their enemy to lovers story begin.

Jinxed At First

This drama is about how the goddess of fortune who can see the future meets a normal boy with whom she falls in love.

Gong Soo Gwang and Lee Seul Bi manage to beat everything against them and be together

In the drama Jixed at first we had an ending in which they show us a wedding scene and their kid.

My Girlfriend Is an Alien 2

Chai Xiao Qi is an alien and she is trapped on earth, where she meets Fang Leng.

In this second season, we are shown how he loses his memory and she goes to great lengths to make him remember her.

This drama had a wedding and showed a bit of their married life.

Mr. Bad

Nan Xing wishes to become a professional writer, so she has a web novel that she wrote. One day a fairy grants her a wish, that is to meet her unforgettable love.

So the evil protagonist of her novel, Xiao Wu Di, walks out of the web novel she wrote and they begin to form a friendship.

This drama has a wedding, as I explained to you at the end. We also see their daughter and how each of them reaches their goals.

Cute Bodyguard

Jing Jing agrees to work as Rong Yan’s bodyguard, but she has a carefree nature, so they start getting into trouble.

Hope that this Korean and Chinese dramas that ended with a wedding in 2022 will help you

If you think I should add another drama, just tell me.


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