5 Unforgettable second lead couples from 2022 Korean Dramas

Second lead couples, are always part of many dramas, they usually are the best friend of the female lead and the best friend of the male lead.

We sometimes feel like they are filler of the story, other times we really like them.

Unforgettable second lead couples from 2022 Korean Dramas

Second Lead couple of the drama Snowdrop: Lee Kang Moo and Jang Hanna

Jang Hanna and Lee Kang Moo work together for the South Korean Intelligence Service.

The two of them were engaged years ago, but Lee Kang Moo broke off the engagement.

They meet again years later when Jang Hanna enters the intelligence service and they become partners.

The two of them will fight so that people with very dark interests do not blow up the dormitory of young women.

This is an explosive couple, where the 2 characters are very similar in their impulsiveness and in seeking justice.

Second Lead Couple of the drama Shooting Stars: Jin Yoo Na and Joon Jae Hyun

This couple won my heart with their enemies to lovers story.

Yoo Na and Jae Hyun are actors who hate each other at the beginning of the drama, since she is a bit capricious and doesn’t pay attention to the director of the series they are shooting, so Jae Hyun is always fighting with her.

Until one day they must record a kissing scene and they end up in love.

This is a couple that made me laugh with their jokes and they also have incredible chemistry.

Second lead couple of the drama Twenty Five Twenty One: Ko Yurim and Moon Ji Woong

Moon Ji Woong had a crush on Ko Yurim from the very first episode. Step by step he won Yurim’s heart.

Ji Woong supported Yurim at all times during his fencing career. He listened to her when she told him about her problems and he always showed that he was willing to do anything, as long as she was happy and fulfilled.

Not even the distance of thousands of kilometers managed to tear them apart and they knew how to carry their long distance relationship.

F4 Thailand second lead couple: Kavin and Kaning

F4 Thailand is the remake of the Hana Yori Dango, were we always see a cute secondary couple who win our hearts.

Kavin is part of the F4, and is the womanizer of the group, who befriends Kaning, as they wish to help their friends have a love relationship. In other words, they help the first leads of the drama.

We see how little by little Kavin transforms and leaves behind his past of partying and women. Also we see how Kaning, with her sweetness wins Kavin’s heart.

What I didn’t like about this version is that they never kissed. We only see that they are together. But their love story is very well developed in this version.

Business Proposal second lead couple: Cha Sung Hoon and Young Seo

This couple stole our hearts with their scenes of how they went from enemies to lovers.

They were neighbors who fell in love at first sight, but Secretary Cha wanted to keep his distance from Young Seo, as he didn’t want to get in trouble with his best friend, almost brother.

Little by little the relationship between them grew and they showed us beautiful love scenes.

Tell me which unforgettable second lead couples from 2022 Korean Dramas is your favorite.


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