Is Hwang Tae-Yong the killer in the drama The Golden Spoon?

The Golden Spoon drama has been critized by several people, it´s not the best ongoing drama right now, but it isn´t the worst. So I´ll keep watching it and try to summarize the important content over here.

Is Hwang Tae-Yong the killer in the drama The Golden Spoon?

In episode 5 and 6 we were shown that Hwang Tae-Yong was inolved in a school shooting while living in USA.

We also saw that he went to talk to Na Sang-Guk, and he told Tae-Yong that he was killer in the school shooting. So Tae-Yong went crazy. After that Tae-Yong wakes up in his bed, not remembering anything. His father told him that he killed Na Sang-Guk.

Also in those episodes we see that there isn´t a lot of information on the internet about the school shooting, probably because Tae-Yong dad paid to erase it.

After that Tae-Yong and Seung-Cheon change bodies again.

Seo Joon-Tae is one of the killers in the drama The Golden Spoon

On episode 7 and 8 We see Seo Joon-Tae atacking Lee Seung-Cheon, and at that moment he visualize the memories of Tae-Yong, were we can see that the real shoother is Joon-Tae.

So he is the shooter in the school shooting in USA. But for some reason Lee Seung-Cheon didn´t accuse him. Will be see later why and I will update you.

Who is the killer of Na Sang-Guk?

This hasn´t been clear at episode 8, but probably it would be Tae-Yong dad, Hwang Hyeon-Do.

As Seo Young-Sin did a DNA test on the jacket that Tae-Yong wore the night that Sang-Guk got killed. We see that there is a match of DNA.

But for me someone else came later, for me it was Hyeon-Do, who came after Tae-Yong passed out, and he killed Sang-Guk.

That is my theory that I will update as soon as we get more information in the next episodes.

Hope that this theories of who is the killer in The Golden Spoon will help you

Tell me your theories of what is happening in this drama.


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