What is the Jeongran Society in the drama Little Women

I decided to make this post because it could be a little bit confusing some plots of the kdrama Little Women.

If you want to know the ending fo the drama, you can read it here

What is the Jeongran Society in the drama Little Women

The Jeongran Society was created by General Won. He was lost with his troop during the Korean conflict with Vietnam, and they realized that their country abandoned them.

When they were already sure that they would die and they began to rest. He started feeling hopeful and at that moment he finds the blue orchid and that orchid as it is like a hallucinogen, so he sees his future . The effects of the orchid also took away their hunger and they fought until they got out of there.

So when the whole troop returned to Corea, they were resentful against their country, so they formed the Jeogran society and each one carried the blue orchid.

Each orchid is on the orchid tree in Sang-A’s house.

The Jeongran society has a leader and at the beginning of the drama Little Women, it was Park Jae-Sang.

As a leader, he must protect all the members and their goals. Therefore, if someone wants something like certain land, they are even capable of creating bankrupcy of the bank, so that these lands are taken from the people who did not pay and given to one of the members of society.

At times it felt like a cult. Where you could see a lot of characters of the drama obsessed with it.

As Jae-Sang fails to protect the Jeogran society, he must take his own life. So the leader is supposed to have become Sang-A. But when she dies with acid, the tree also dies and with that it is symbolized that the Jeogran society dies.

I hope that the meaning of the Jeongran society in the drama Little Women will helps you

If there is another theme of the drama that you have doubts, tell me, if it was clear to me I will explain it to you.


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