Ending Explained of the drama My Deepest Dream – Final Review

My Deepest Dream is a 30-episode Chinese fantasy romance drama broadcasted by Tencent. I saw it on Rakuten Viki, as I live in Latin America.

I personally liked it, it kept me entertained, I always wanted to know what would happen in the next episode.

From this point foward you will find spoilers

Ending Explained of the drama My Deepest Dream

Does Wu Yu y Tan Jiao end up together?

Yes, Wu Yu and Tan Jiao ended up together.

Wu Yu proposes to Tan Jiao again on the island, since he planned to stay there, where the magnetic field for time travel is.

When it’s time to go through the time gate, Tan Jiao pushes Wu Yu away and she stays on the island.

When traveling through time, it is very likely that memory will be lost and that happened to Wu Yu.

After a year, Wu Yu begins to remember Tan Jiao in small details and even travels to her city.

We also see how her family and friends search for her, as they say that one day she disappeared out of nowhere.

Wu Yu finally fully remembers Tan Jiao, when he is at her city, so he goes looking for her on the island and the two manage to pass the time gate together.

That brings them back to 2021, on the cruise ship. But they don’t meet during the diving class, so their destiny changed.

Time passes and we see how they simply don´t meet each other.

Then we see how Wu Yu travels to the city of Tan Jiao and they meet by chance, in their special place and recognize each other. We see how they approach each other while continue talking and that is the end of them.

For me this means that they stayed together, because this is more than the tenth time that they meet each other again after time travel and they recognize each other. So now we know what happens next.

Does Shen Shi Yan y Zhou Xiao Yu en up together?

Yes, Shen Shi Yan and Zhou Xiao Yu stay together.

They also meet again as we see that Zhou Xiao Yu is sad because her friend has been missing for more than 100 days. So she stops at a street sale where they sell her a bag with the fortune. At that moment a thief robs the saleman.

She goes after the thief and we just see how she blocks his way and Shen Shi Yan appears behind, and there they recognize each other.

Shen Shi Yan catches the thief and has a little conversation with Zhou Xiao Yu and they see that their messages from the bags from the fortune are similar.

That’s the end fot them, so we know they stay together.

Who was the killer in the drama my Deepest Dream

Zhu Yu Tong was the killer. Since he was traumatized with the death of his friend Jie.

Since she jump from a building because of the cyber bullying she had. But we also see some scenes where Zhu Yu Tong was the one who threw her off the roof of the building by mistake and he couldn’t admit it, so he killed all the people who were related to Jie’s cyber bullying.

He dominated the minds of people with some stones he found on the island.

We also know that he is the one who killed Wu Yu’s sister

Zhu Yu Tong dies in the cave on the island, so in the end he doesn’t kill anyone in the future.

Final Review of My Deepest Dream

  • Mystery 8/10

    It entertained me. Got me asking myself what was going on, and wanted to know who was the killer and what will happen at the next episode.
  • Swoon 9/10

    The leading couple had a lot of chemistry. I liked that they didn´t breakup, they really were confident about their relationship and always talk things out. They were a power couple
  • Squad Goals 9/10

    Second lead couple was on point. They were there because of a reason, not to be a filler. They also had a great love story. They helped the leading couple all the time.
  • Plot 8/10

    For me this drama was divided in 3. The first part with the story of the birds, the second part when Wu Yu was going to marry and the last part where they start finding out who was the killer.

    The story could be told in less than 20 episodes.

    There were certain episodes were the problems keep repeating.

    The time travel story was easy to follow.
  • Cry 5/10

    There were sad scenes, but nothing that made cried.
  • Performance 8/10

    The lead actors were great, only the killer for me his acting was exaggerated

Overall the drama is 8.5 for me. I recommend it if you want a myterious fantasy cdrama.


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