Who is Who – Explaining the main characters of Under The Queen´s Umbrella

Hystorical dramas can be quiet confusing as there are several characters in them. That is why I want to make this guide, so you can check it anytime you want.

Explaining the main carachters of Under The Queen´s Umbrella

Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong

She´s is our female lead. She would do anything to protect their sons.

She wants to keep in the power as the Queen, even if the crown prince is dead, not because she is selfish. Because she knows that their sons will be killed if she loses her title.

She´s a great mother and grandmother, always putting them before her needs.

Queen Dowager

She used to be the concubine of the father of the King Lee Ho.

She killed the crown prince  Tahein and brought down Queen Yoon, so she could be the Queen.

She will do anything in her hand to stay in the power. In other words, she´s the main villian of the drama.

King Lee Ho

He´s the son of Queen Dowager, husband of Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong.

He became king after his mother killed crown prince Ikhyeon.

He was present when the Queen Dowager killed the crowned prince, so he could became king.

He seems like a fair king.

Consort Hwang

She´s the concubine of the king. She killed the crown prince, the son of Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong.

She wants to become the Queen. She´s the daughter of Chief State Councilor Hwang Won-Hyeong.

She´s another evil character.

Consort Tae

She was Im Hwa-Ryeong maid, before becoming the king concubine.

She betrayed the Queen as she revealed the the Queen gave outside medicine to the crown prince.

She wants her son to become the next king, but she knows that her son doesn´t have posibilities, as she is only a maid.

I don´t feel she´s bad, only she isn´t that smart.

Grand princes

They are the sons of Queen Im Hwa-Ryeong and King Lee Ho.

The crown prince has already die.

Grand Prince Seongnam

On episode 11 he became the crown prince

Yoon Cheong-Ha

She is in love with Grand Prince Seongnam. She didn´t knew he was a prince.

She is the daughter of the minister of war.

On episode 12 she became the grand princess.

Royal Physician Kwon O-Gyeong

He gave the poison to the crown prince.

He has a relationship with consort Hwang.

He´s also with the rebels that want to dethrone King Lee Ho.

He is the smaller brother of crown prince Taein. He is the real Yi Ik-Hyeon. The only Queen Yoon son that is alive.


They are evil and following their plan to take down the Queen

Prince Uiseong

He´s the son of Consort Hwang and the king. He´s the first son, but his mother wasn´t the Queen, so that is why he can´t be the crown prince.

He´s a bully and wants to be the king.

Prince Uiseong isn´t King Lee Ho real son.

Hope that this information of the main carachters of Under The Queen´s Umbrella will help you


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