Secret Romantic Guest House – Who is the missing crown prince and the watchman

Secret Romantic Guest House is a Korean drama that has this mistery of who is the missing crown prince and who is the watchman who saved him when he was young.

So here I want write about the theories or what we have seen in the airing episodes of each of the characters.

Who is the missing crown prince and the watchman in Secret Romantic Guest House

Kang San

Update episode 8, Kang San is the missing crown prince

On episode 4 it seems like he has a secret. Because the Eunuch told him if Yoon Dan Oh doesn´t know who he really is.

So for me he is a watchman, not the watchman who saved the crown prince when he was young, but he is a watchman.

He´s the leading man of the drama.

Kim Shi Yeol

Update episode 10: He´s the watchman. But I feel he´s too young. Let´s see how the story resolves.

At the last minutes of episode 4 we see he´s the crown prince, but it´s too soon into the drama, so lets see what the writer have prepare for us.

We have to see if the has the red mark on his ankle.

Jung Yoo Ha

Update episode 8: He´s the son of the deposed king and the court lady

He´s the court lady son, at least that´s what we saw on episode 4.

On episode 3 I thought that he could be the crown prince

Who is the watchman that rescued the crown prince when he was young

Kim Shi Yeol is the watchman

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