How did Naksu got her body back and other facts about Alchemy of Souls part two

Here I will collect facts that will help you understand the second season of Alchemy of Souls

How did Naksu got back to her body

In episode 22 they explain to us that Master Lee rescue Mudeok’s body from the lake. She was already dead. But he took the body of Mudeok /Bu-Yeon, to her mother, Jin Ho-Gyeong.

Jin Ho-Gyeong asks Master Lee to resurrect her, then he tells her that Naksu didn´t shift souls, as Naksu was trap in Bu-Yeon body, and that the only way to resurrect her daughter is for Naksu’s dominant part to be returned to life and that she would have Naksu’s body.

So he resurrected Naksu in Bu-Yeon body, but the body will have Naksu´s body features.

That means that Naksu soul is in Bu-Yeon body, that does´t look like her body right now.

Naksu lost her memory as she is in a new body.

If Bu-Yeon regains her powers, it will bring back Naksu’s memory.

So when Bu-Yeon/Naksu sees Jang Uk again, she doesn’t recognize him.

Why does Jin Ho-Gyeong have locked Bu-Yeon

Jin Ho-Gyeong Locked Bu-Yeon as she is afraid someone will recognize she is Naksu.

Also, because she is afraid Bu-Yeon will get her power back and Naksu will take over her daughter soul.

Why didn´t Jang-Uk find any sign that Bu-Yeon was a soul shifter

Because right now Bu-Yeon / Naksu are reincarnated. Just like Jang-Uk is.

Naksu isn´t a soul shifter anymore.

Who really is Buyeon?

Buyeon died when she was born, but her mother use the red stone to bring her back, so all this time it has been Seol Ran in her body.

Did Naksu died at the end of Alchemy Souls part 2

Buyeon told Jag Uk that she had to take over her body and that Naksu soul would disappear.

After Buyeon/Seol Ran took to the body to help destroy the red bird, and Naksu soul disappear. Buyeon gaver her body back to Naksu Soul.

That means that Naksu didn´t die

Hope this facts from Alchemy of souls helped you.

If there is any other question, ask me, and I will answer it, if I know it.


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