There is creepy and then there is Won Sang Ah -Little Women Ep 7 & 8

On episode 8 of the drama Little Women, we got to see the real face of Sang Ah.

Creepy moments of Won Sang Ah in Little women

  • She did a mock-up in college about the killing scene of Hwa-Young.
  • She hired people in Shangai to make believe Oh In Joo that she had a double.
  • She likes doing experiment on people, she likes to play them as cat and mouse.
  • Hwa-Young is dead, she was killed by Won Sang Ah, as she also was part of an experiment.
  • She hired Oh In Joo to play an experiment on her. She made people on the office make her an outcast.
  • She is the killer that leaves the blue orchid.
  • She killed Oh In Joo aunt.
  • Hwa-Young became friends with Oh In Joo, as Won Sang Ah, and she was filming Oh In Joo all the time.
wong sang ah of little women being creepy
photo from TVN

This episodes really blowed my mind. I was expecting some normal story of the killer, but never thought it will be this creepy.

Oh In Hye was the one who found out that Won Sang Ah was the one who killed Hwa-Young. As In Hye saw on the security videos that Sang Ah went out with a coat the day Hwa-Young got killed, and didn´t came back with the coat.

This also explains why Oh In Joo found Hwa-Young body. As probably In Joo got frame into finding the body.

Could it be that Choi Do Il is in too?

I understood that Do Il is also someone who got played by Park Jae Sang, as Oh In Kyung investigated that his mom took the blame of a crime. Also his dad is on the run and Jae Sang wants him dead.

What do you think about the creepy moments of Won Sang Ah?

I´m liking the pace of the drama and the plot twists.


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