Yoona´s fall outfit

Yoona traveled several weeks ago to Paris Fashion Week. So today I´m gonna show you her airport look.

Yoona´s fall outfit

Girls Generation´s Yoona showed us her new hairdo, after her last drama, Big Mouth. She now has bangs, that make her look younger.

Her fall outfit consisted of a crop top tan sweater with bagy jeans.

Crop tops are trending on 2022 and will continue during 2023.

Her look is ideal for a morning look, when it isn´t that cold. It also will depend on your country. I live in Central America, so for example in my country, this can be use all september and october.

I would use this look to run errands or to get lunch with friends.

Baggy jeans and wide leg jeans will be trending for a couple of years.

What makes this look polish, is the balance the crop top gives to the bagy jeans. When wearing lose jeans or wide leg, try to use a tighter blouse or a blouse were you can show a little bit of skin.

Yoona´s baggy jeans are high waisted, so if you don´t like showing your belly, this is a great option, as you can see, she isn´t showing a lot of skin.

If you want to make this look more dressy for a lunch with friends, you can add boots or high heels.

Hope Yoona´s fall outfit will inspire you.

Tell me from what other celebrities will you like to see outfits.


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