6 loving moments of Law Cafe – Episodes 5 & 6

Law cafe is one unexpected drama that has such a sweet love line, also fill with great back stories from their characters.

I don´t like law dramas, but this one doesn´t focus on the courts, it focus on the people stories, so that´s why I´m liking it.

Loving moments of Law cafe – Episodes 5 & 6

This 2 episodes were fill with great moments.

When Yuri declares her love and Kisses Jun Ho

I really like Yuri personality and how she declared her love to Jun Ho.

She told him what she had in mind and how she was getting confuse.

Yes, he rejected her, but she took the chance, instead of thinking of what could have been.

yuri and jun ho kiss
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When Yuri declares her love in the hospital

So she was a little bit insistant, but that happen because Jun Ho neck got hurt after they kissed, so they went to the hospital to get help. And she insisted to have an answer.

I loved everything that Yuri said at that scene.

When Jun Ho Shows Yuri the stars

Yuri was sad, but Jun Ho prepared her something special. He put some phosphorescent stars on the wall, and show her how beautiful some smal things can be.

yuri and Jun Ho
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Jun Ho and Yuri stay late working

Yuri had a lot of work in a case, but she got sick before, so Jun Ho helped her.

She felt to sleep on the table and he looked at her with so much love on his face.

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When Jun Ho ask Yuri for a hug

Yuri decided to not pressure Jun Ho to love her back. So she was telling him his decision and he ask for a hug, as Jun Ho came back from a fight for defending Yuri.

jun ho got hurt from a fight

Jun Ho declares his love to Yuri

Jun Ho invites Yuri to have dinner at his place, and he told Yuri that he likes her, but to give him time, as he has to think things out.

Which Loving moments of Law cafe – Episodes 5 & 6 did you like the most?

I´m really loving this couple, hope the writers give us a sweet ending for them.


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